Behind the Label

Honey resting in windowWho is behind the Princess Orchid brand? Honey the inspiration and the creator who designs for Princess Orchid. She is always intensely imaging the next trend and seeking out the latest seasonal colors for the brand. She is inspired by walking in nature, meeting critters and pondering about life and how she can create beautiful pieces that are comfortable and easy to wear for everyday life.  She seeks out the best fabrics that are pretty to look at and soft to the touch. She always keeps up with the latest fashions, loves trends and very importantly looking cool.

Honey inspecting designsPrincess Orchid designs are both feminine and functional that are combined to create a tomboy meets pretty in pink with simple lines and graphics. She wants to capture enthusiasm and optimism into the brand by creating whimsy fresh young designs. She wants to create a moment that speaks to fantasy and inspiration of adventure!

Honey works hard every day creating designs and sewing her samples to send to both US and off shore factories.  She looks for only the best and small business to have her creations made.  She looks for natural fabrics and supports fair trade.

Honey after long days work